BowmanBack Associates

Waste Disposal and Recycling

As a foundation of our waste stream management services, BowmanBack provides the equipment, the services and the expertise for the most up-to-date waste disposal and recycling solutions in the industry.

Through strategic alliances with the nation’s leading providers within the Waste Stream Management industry, BowmanBack is able to deliver a holistic management solution to our clients. With our deep national footprint, spirit of excellence, and commitment to honesty, integrity and service, BowmanBack has established a proven track record of returning much needed money to our clients.

Waste Services

We can provide the full range of equipment options for your waste disposal and recycling. As needed, we offer waste equipment purchase options, leasing and rental for both ‘permanent’ equipment and temporary items like storage units, portable toilets, and temporary fencing rentals. The key to cost efficiency in the area of equipment is right-sizing, an aspect of your waste disposal that we monitor continually for maximum waste management efficiency and cost savings.

  • Front, rear and side-load containers
  • Roll off and Lugger containers
  • Stationary, vertical down- stroke and self-contained compactors
  • Shredders
  • Balers
  • Odor control systems

Our waste disposal services are aimed to reduce and redirect your waste stream to approved landfills. In addition to your scheduled waste pickups, we also specialize in random waste disposal projects such as demolition, concrete, asphalt, pallets, yard and asbestos debris.

  • Reduce and redirect – Pay only to dispose of trash. Recyclables will be taken to an appropriate facility for re-use. We offer on-site surveys, right-sizing (using proprietary software) and conduct waste-flow analysis regularly.
  • Removal – scheduled and emergency pickups, 24/7/365.
  • Right-sizing – toters, front, rear or side-load containers, from 1 to 10 cubic yards.
  • Roll-off and Lugger containers – from 8 to 40 cubic yards for new construction, renovation or build out.
  • Repair and Maintenance – preventative maintenance programs for compactors, shredders and baler, emergency services 24/7/365.
  • Equipment – compactors, balers, shredders and grinders are available for sale or lease.
  • Equipment maintenance – maintenance and emergency repairs 24/7/365.
  • Monitoring – we continually monitor volume and weight of containers and schedule changes to match your current needs for each of your locations.
  • Savings – you receive BowmanBack’s preferred national pricing plus ongoing bidding and continuous negotiation with vendors.

We analyze and separate recyclables like cardboard, white paper, newspaper, plastics, glass, tires, pallets, aluminum and other metals including silver, copper & brass with the latest separation techniques. Food waste/composting services.

  • Removal – scheduled pickups of cardboard, white paper, glass, plastics, aluminum, newspaper, pallets, tires, concrete, asphalt & asbestos, cooking oil (for biodiesel programs), fluorescent bulbs, demolition debris, composting materials, document shredding services and demolition services.
  • Recycle container purchase program – customer receives preferred pricing.
  • Customized recycling programs – for cardboard, white paper, plastics, glass, demolition, also composting services for food waste.
  • Compliance – updates on state and local ordinance for mandated recycled products within local municipalities.
  • Education – education on the value of ‘going green’ in today’s environment, as well as Best Practices.
  • Savings – rebates on pallets and cardboard where applicable, monthly analyses and updates on cyclical changes in commodity rebates; continuous bidding of services for maximum cost effect for customers.
  • Shredding of confidential materials – nationwide programs.

We provide fully compliant, safe, disposal services for all infectious and medical waste.

  • Disposal – handle all regulated infectious waste, including: single-use disposables (needles, syringes, gloves, laboratory items), surgical samples, blood products, bodily fluids, cultures or stocks of infectious agents.
  • Containers – all sizes for needles, chemopathic indigenes, red bags, biohazard labels and dollies.
  • Pickups – arranged from once per day, monthly or quarterly, depending on state regulations and your requirements – to ensure your compliance.
  • Compliance – work with only fully licensed medical waste service providers; provide manifest tracking; stay current and notify customers of any applicable government regulations that affect medical waste disposal in your area.
  • Manifests provided with each billing – you keep a copy in-house as do we, for seven (7) years.
  • Results – cost-efficient management to reduce costs, ongoing contract negotiations and monitoring for best-priced services, monthly audit of vendor invoices for services.