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Processing Tax Credits

In a statement released by the government's General Accounting Office, it is estimated that only 1 of 800 businesses claim tax credits for which their business is eligible!

In the small to medium size business category (revenues not exceeding 50 million annually), $4.2 billion in federal and state level tax credits go unclaimed every year. Turn to BowmanBack to recover and maximize your capital. We will launch an in-depth process to ensure you receive every tax credit you deserve.

And… Our fee for tax credit analysis is based completely on the results. If we don’t find tax credit programs that either recover capital from past oversights or decrease your tax liability moving forward, you owe us nothing!

Tax Services

Your company’s credit eligibility status will be detailed in a compliance report which provides essential information for maximizing your company’s credit eligibility. We provide a full set of services developed to meet the needs of every business. There are thousands of Federal & State tax credits, green incentives and carbon credits available that could impact the amount of tax-savings a company may be eligible to receive. Some tax credits such as the Research and Development credit may ‘piggy-back’ onto others resulting in automatic eligibility into other various programs. We manage each client’s tax credit portfolio so that each program is maximized.

The necessary steps in the tax credit process rely on our internal technology for accurate implementation of each company’s tax credit eligibility. The system electronically captures essential tax credit data during the hiring process and tracks every credit throughout the verification process while screening for any additional tax credits that may be relevant.

  • To identify all possible tax credits for which you are eligible.
  • Process the appropriate forms and steps required to apply for the credits.
  • Guarantee compliance with federal and state government tax credit regulations and deadlines
  • Dovetail our technology with your business practices for easy implementation
  • Set up a foundation that easily integrates with your other HR and payroll functions
  • Point of hire location information
  • Wage and hour data
  • Supplemental documentation
  • We determine the eligibility of each newly hired employees for any Federal or State tax credits.
  • We work with you to integrate with our process, enabling your staff and HR managers to take advantage of all tax credit opportunities.
  • We train hiring managers at each location to ensure everyone understands the value of the program and how to carry out the 2-3 minute process.
  • We provide reports to corporate management on credits available with a status on paperwork and information received from your locations, so you know if you are about to miss a deadline.
  • We provide completed forms to you for new hire signature.
  • We audit the paperwork and submit it for certification on your behalf.
  • We track the processed paperwork throughout the process of certification
  • As employees are is certified as eligible, we provide the IRS forms needed for filing with your tax return.