BowmanBack Associates

Network Services

BowmanBack has significantly increased businesses internet bandwidth while decreasing their cost – a true value proposition.

Due to many changes within the network carrier services space, most businesses are overpaying for their network services – in particular, their Internet bandwidth. On average, clients increase their bandwidth by 600% to 700% while reducing their cost by 15% to 20%. We partner with the top carriers in your market.

Network Services

BowmanBack Associates is pleased to announce a new service for our valued customers. We have partnered with telecommunication companies to provide you competitive Rate Comparisons with Network Carrier Services including Internet Bandwidth, Local Lines and Long Distance. The goal of this service is to offer you more bandwidth at a considerably lower price with the top network providers in your market.

  • You may be wasting hundreds or thousands of dollars, possibly on outdated, ineffective services.
  • The average cost to small and medium businesses due to Internet disruptions is approximately $6,900 per hour (Aberdeen Research Group).
  • A slow or lost connection damages the customer experience, lowers your company’s productivity, and translates into less profit
  • We provide a comprehensive analysis of your current network services – at no obligation — and give you three simple-to-read, competitive proposals to compare to your current services.
  • In a majority of cases, our customers receive substantial increases in bandwidth for less cost. 
  • Some customers have realized 600 to 700% more internet bandwidth capacity — without raising their monthly cost
  • We work directly with one of the top communications companies in the Southeast, recognized as one of AT&T’s top solution providers.
  • We have strong relationships with more than 100 global network providers, and currently manage $18+ million in telecom spend for hundreds of customers across the US and internationally.
  • Unlike many of our competitors who only promote one carrier service and one solution, BowmanBack gives you several provider options — at no obligation —and the choice is up to you – we want only what is best for you.
  • A company with long distance costs of $15k to $20k per month upgraded to a hosted voice solution with $0 in long distance cost.
  • A 47-location law firm upgraded their network services (internet bandwidth, local lines and long distance), gained 100MB in bandwidth and saved $300.00 per month per location.
  • A 293-location enterprise enhanced their connectivity, translating to satisfied consumers, improved operational efficiencies, and higher profits.