BowmanBack Associates

Food Service Waste Disposal

With over half our customers in the hospitality industry, BowmanBack takes pride in servicing your grease trap and lift station maintenance needs.

Whether it is cooking oil, grease trap pumping, jetting, snaking, plumbing, repairs, replacements or confined-space-entry inside your lift station/grease trap, we use the latest techniques for keeping your environment clean, safe and odor free, as well as to stay in compliance with FOG as mandated by each municipality. From grease trap cleaning with live vegetable bacteria or trap pumping and scraping, we can develop a program that will satisfy your needs, all at the same time while saving you money.

Food Service Waste

BowmanBack’s waste stream management specializes in the safe, clean disposal of cooking oil. In many cases, we help you obtain rebates where available, and 95% of all oil collected in many municipalities throughout the US is turned into bio-diesel fuel, where you make a contribution in helping to fuel the US economy. Our expertise in the safe and swift removal of cooking oil keeps you in compliance with regulations and standards and avoids unnecessary penalties and fines.

  • Free Services – many markets offer rebates and free services for proper removal of cooking oil grease.
  • Fast Disposal – with regularly scheduled pickups ensures reliable and dependable service.
  • Storage – we have leak-proof, new-looking bulk tanks or 55-gallon barrel containers with optional locking lids. We also offer a service for steam cleaning of containers and power washing of ground area.
  • Compliance – our preventive maintenance and emergency response program keeps you in compliance with regulations and standards, avoiding penalties and fees.
  • Savings – monthly rebates and additional savings could be available depending on location, quality, market and hauling distances.
  • Emergencies – should a spill occur, we will immediately respond, 24/7/365.
  • Environmentally friendly – We help you preserve natural resources and energy by source reduction and recycling of grease.
  • Education – we provide updates on local sewer-use and county mandates/regulations.

Services for regular maintenance, cleaning and inspection of grease traps, interceptors and lift stations; ensure compliance to avoid penalties for FOB, BOD & TSS levels; immediate response to emergencies; grease recycling programs and rebates.

  • Proactive inspections, utilizing the most advanced equipment – to eliminate backups.
  • Preventive and routine maintenance – regularly scheduled clean-outs of grease traps, lift stations, storm drains; drain line cleaning and high pressure jetting of interior and exterior plumbing lines.
  • Innovative methods – use of live vegetative bacteria, chemical components and other continuous up-to-date research on proven, new methods for trap services.
  • Compliance – full compliance with local & state municipal treatment requirements; all regulations and standards.
  • Results – prevent/stop odor problems and health hazards associated with blockages; prevent discharge of grease, oil and food solids into the sewer; promote efficient flow of grease and waste water.
  • Repair/Replacement – of grease traps, lift stations, baffles, T’s, pumps, floats, check valves, man-hole covers using silicone or permanent gaskets.
  • Save money – reduce environmental fees, lower operating costs.
  • Utility Scrutiny and Savings – We audit and recommend a wide array of solutions to reduce your utility costs and save you money. We aggressively identify and help remove unnecessary fines and penalties from your utility bills.

BowmanBack can provide superior kitchen exhaust system services. Our professional staff and preferred kitchen exhaust vendors are dedicated to keeping your location compliant with the NFPA 96 Standards. Services include steam cleaning, degreasing, pressure washing and regular maintenance of hoods, fans, grills, filters and grease containment units.

  • Preventive and routine maintenance – scheduled services to clean, repair or replace parts in the exhaust system.
  • Exhaust Duct Cleaning – hand scrape, degrease or pressure wash the exhaust duct system to bare metal.
  • Thorough Fan Cleaning – fans are tipped to properly clean the bottom side of the blades and accessible areas of the duct.
  • Degreasing – of commercial kitchen equipment
  • Sales and Installation – of exhaust systems and grills including filter replacements.
  • Inspections – regular inspections by certified technicians guaranteed to pass fire, health and insurance inspections.
  • Compliance – in accordance with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 96/8-3.1 standards.
  • Education – best practices plus ongoing information and updates for loss prevention.
  • Proof – ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos taken of each system cleaned; images are posted on BowmanBack’s website for one year and archived for five years.
  • Vendor Services Issue Report – customers receive notification after each cleaning to make them aware of any deficiencies to the system. This report is also kept on site and used as proof of cleaning during inspections.