BowmanBack Associates

"At BowmanBack, we are driven to create successful and productive relationships which will uncover significant savings while producing industry leading services that generate lasting solutions. We are committed to a spirit of excellence, honesty, integrity and service."

What we do

At BowmanBack the goal is to not only recover much needed capital for our clients, but to also improve the efficiencies in Waste Stream Management, Employment Tax Credit processing, and Network Services.

Through strategic alliances with the nation’s leading providers within these industries, BowmanBack is able to deliver a holistic management solution to our clients. With our deep national footprint, spirit of excellence, and commitment to honesty, integrity and service, BowmanBack has established a proven track record Capital Recovery returning much needed money to our clients.


Waste Stream Management

Through recycling/sustainability initiatives, consolidated management, and innovative strategies, BowmanBack will work to insure the most cost and effective waste stream program.

Employment Tax Credits

Generally up to 20% of your workforce and perhaps more, qualifies your company for tax credits worth up to $9,600 per eligible employee. BowmanBack helps put these dollars back into your operations.

Network Services

Changes withing the network carrier services space reveals most businesses are overpaying for their internet bandwidth. We can increased your capacity by 600-700% and save you money.​


Tim Bowman

Tim has provided capital recovery solutions nationally since 2006, returning millions of dollars annually into his clients’ operations. He is driven to improve their overall financial position through creative and innovative solutions. As a Partner in BowmanBack, he is able to use his skillset to provide a direct positive impact for his clients.

Kent Back

Kent has provided capital recovery solutions nationally since 1995. Responsible for returning millions of dollars in savings, Kent is passionate in finding innovative ways to recover capital for clients. Kent is driven to build national networks of referral partners and salespeople, allowing for the expansion of services and savings to clients across the nation.

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